The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

This site is ment as a inspirational site with tips and tricks for being outdoors with skis under your feets during the winter.

Long story short:
Anders and Petter went skitouring to skåla and made a vlog about it.

Check out the video here: VIDEO FROM SKÅLA



We also made a video regarding what to put in your backpack and how the equipment you use for ski touring works.



HOW?? How do you use your ski boots, how does the skins work? what are skins actually?
Anders tells you all there is to know and more in the video below.

Click here to see how to use randonee 




Informational video found here:

Press here to see how we pack the backpack before we go toptouring

Always know before you go

Still not sure how to use avalanche equipment and what it is?
Anders and Petter highly recommend signing yourself up to an avalanche course or hire a guide/go with someone experienced if you are heading out to the mountains with no experience.

There is a lot of nice apps that you can use before and during the trip.
Of course, there is the website called YR. Here will you find all the information you need to gather information about the weather so you can plan accordingly.

Next up is the website called Geodata.
Here you will find a map over the area aswell as coloured map showing how steep it is.
A goof thumbnail is that you should not be in the areas where there is colored yellow, orange and brown. If you seek out these areas and choose to travel there you are in terrain steeper than 30 degrees which also mean that you travel in avalanche terrain.

A short article about how to use and how to be efficient is written HERE.


Other than that,

Enjoy the outdoors in a creative and safe way.

Best reagards
Anders & Petter


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